This wiki is for the students of Cairo University to discuss and get insights on how to learn in a more effective and efficient way.

Et3alem Tet3alem Edit

Is it hard to get grasp of that subject you are learning? Do you find it frustrating that no matter how much you study something, it just doesn't sink in?

Do you dream about unicorns and rainbows the second you open that book to study? Does this equation or formula not make sense to you?


Is the subject you are studying just too overwhelmingly painful, you just want to give up? Do you wakeup with a plan just to realize that by the end of the day you did everything except what was in the plan?

Don't worry! This wiki is just what you need to discuss the problems you have and get insights on how to effectively learn.

Keep calm

Pages in this Wiki:

How Brain Operates


Tips and Tricks

Frequently Faced Problems (FFP)

This Wiki is influenced by the MOOC "Learning How to Learn" offered by University of California, San Diego and, instructed by Dr. Terrence Sejnowski and Dr. Barbara Oakley

For more information on the course, visit

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